About us

About Us

Developing Next-Generation Treatments for Herpes Simplex-Induced diseases

With its clinical and medical experts, the team of Innovative Molecules dedicates its work to patients suffering from herpes-mediated diseases.

While there has not been much medical improvement in the treatment of Herpes simplex disease over decades, the team aims to translate novel scientific findings into best-in-class therapies to improve current therapeutic regimens and helps patients in time of need.

Founded in 2016, Innovative Molecules is a German biotech focused on discovery, development and commercialization of novel agents in the field of herpes-mediated diseases.

The team has strong expertise in development and commercialization of medicines to help patients with debilitating disease around the globe.

Expert Team

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Gerald Kleymann


Thomas Hoffmann


Dr. Alexander Alexandrov, M.D.


Florian Vogel